Hello! Annyeonghaseyo!! 안녕하세요!!

When I started properly trying to learn Korean last week (rather than just a glance at the alphabet some learned phrases and google translate…)  I felt like its was beating my head off a brick wall, I at- 24, cried to my mum about how “Hangul (Hangeul) must of been created by spies for spies so that no one could infiltrate Korea and become part of the country and society”

First of all what I want to do is share some apps I started with:

  1. Pop popping Korean-by HANSOL education. I found this via a youtuber called Margarita. Here are some screenshots from I store but it’s available on android and I think Windows too.my only complaint about this app is that it doesn’t teach you the alphabet so if you don’t know it then there is only so much this can do for you also it doesn’t update its words.(screenshots from istore)     
  2. Eggbun- by gwangyun moon. I really do love this app it is a bot chat the style of whatsapp and kakao talk it also teaches you some alphabet etc but it most importantly it teaches you how to TYPE in Korean! No more copy and pasting to your bae/bae wrecker! 
  3. Korean letter- Yaogao Wu: this really is great- you tap on a character and it automatically pronounces/sounds it out (in a human female voice)and shows it with its English/romanisation under it- but again it doesn’t really TEACH you so I now use this as a reference because I get my “ㄴ” and “ㄱ”  mixed up 😿 
  4. Hangul(한글)-TenguLogi: for me this is my absolute bias app it is so fun and I am sorry to say I have neared the end of my journey with it 😿. It REALLY really does teach you Hangul better than anything I have come across and I think I have about 30-40 apps and website accounts etc .

This is my top 4 apps for learning Hangul and sounds! If you start with 4 then use 1 and 2 then I guarentee you will save A LOT of time.

Once you can READ Hangul then you can read ANYTHING written in Korean like menus and lyrics etc- while you might want to fall back to the comfort zone of romanisation: DON’T!!  romanisation is like your two faced friend. It will get you so far then kick you right out the plane. This is something you only truly understand once you can read Hangeul 한글.

But once you can read it then you can pronounce it and say it: once you can do that then all it is a matter of is translating.

For me this was so hard and frustrating I genuinely felt like my brain was turning to kimchi  I was getting depressed and angry at myself.

Thank you for reading my first blog about learning Korean and Hangeul!! 

I hope you find this helpful and that you have lots of fun learning!!

Bye-jal itsuh- 잘있어 


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