Today my blog is about how important it is to make time every day to stay on top of everything you have learned or -memory maintenance:

I was very confident in my reading skills when it came to Hangeul but there was a few days where I didn’t have time to read and it has caused me to go back a bit.

Now as 한국어 (hangugo – Korean language) is the only language I have any idea about grammar in: I’m pretty impressed with myself as my first language is English and I don’t have a clue.

No matter how well I remember my w- semi vowels and my y-semi vowels or the rules of 받침 (pat’ chim) and so on I have started to forget characters on top of my mixing up of : ㄱ and ㄴ not to mention I also sometimes read ㄴ as L as in the English letter…

So here is what I know so far and what I should remember (or at least how I started learning Korean):

Place holders: ㅇ

Vertical PH: 이

Horizontal PH: 으

Eu ~ 으 ~ “u”

O ~ 오 ~ “o”

U ~ 우 ~ “oo”

I ~ 이 ~ “ee”

A ~ 아 ~ “aa”

  • Closed lips ~ ㅁ (cl) 
  • Front upper pallet ~ ㄴ (fup)
  • Hissing ~ ㅅ (h)
  • Rear upper pallet ~ ㄱ (rup)

Closed lips

  • Mieum ~ M ~ 미음 ~ ㅁ
  • Bieup ~ b/p ~ 비읍 ~ ㅂ


  • Nieun ~ n ~ 니은 ~ ㄴ
  • Rieul ~ r ~ 리을 ~ ㄹ
  • Digeut ~ t/d ~ 디귿 ~ㄷ


  • Siot ~ s/sh ~ 시옷 ~ ㅅ
  • Jieut ~ ch/j ~ 지읒 ~ ㅈ


  • Giyeok ~ k/g ~ 기역 ~ ㄱ

Open lip consonants

  • Ieung ~ ng ~ 이응 ~ ㅇ
  • Hieut ~ h ~ 히읗 ~ ㅎ

I hope you enjoyed my blog today and I really hope it helped.

고맙습니다 ~ gomasseumnida ~ thank you. 또봐요 ~ ddobwayo ~ see you later ✌🏻️✌🏻️


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