Basic Korean survival (1)

안녕하세요. Hello.

I decided to write a Post about basic phrases you might need whilst in Korea or talking to people you know/meet (all my Korean blogs are from notes I have made while I’m learning)

Let’s start with communication:

  • 천천히 말해 주세요. ~ please speak slowly (cheoncheonhi malhae juseyo)
  • 다시 한 번 말해 주세요 ~ please say it again once more (dasi Han beon malhae juseyo)
  • 한국어 잘 못해요 ~ I can’t understand Korean well (hangugeo jal moshayeo)

Very important manners:

  • 고맙습니다다  / 감사합니다 ~ thank you (gomabsubnida/ gamsahabnida)
  • 고마워 ~  thanks (casual only use with friends — gomawyo)

Quick and easy answers: 

  • 네 ~ yes (nae)
  • 아마도 ~ maybe (amado)
  • 아니요 ~no (anio)
  • 안돼요 ~ no! (Forcefully– andwaeyo)


  • 안녕하세요 ~ hello/good morning/ good afternoon/ good evening/ goodnight (annyeonghaseyo)
  • 잘 지냈어요 ~ how have you been? (Jal jinaesseoyo?)
  • 안녕히 가세요 ~ goodbye (person staying — Annyeonghi gaseyo)
  • 안녕히 계세요 ~ goodbye (person leaving — Annyeonghi gyeseyo)

I hope this helps, thank you for reading

Kitti Cee